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Create thousands of NFTs, manage utilities, and get detailed reporting all in one place.

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Feature-complete marketplaces with advanced features from top protocol integration

Drops Center

Create NFTs At Scale

Need to mint tens, hundreds, thousands, or maybe millions of NFTs? No problem! Minting with Holaplex saves you time and money by simplifying the minting process. We handle the technology so you can focus on selling.

Update NFTs

Edit and Manage Your NFTs

Control your created NFTs to drive powerful utilities. With a central user interface, you can grant NFT holders access to gated content, enable redeemable rewards, or edit metadata.

Bulk Sending

Send NFTs to Your Customers

Create compelling campaigns that drive engagement by sending NFTs to specific groups of users. With just a few clicks you can you can create exciting experiences and that increase action.

Powerful Reporting

Insights You Need To Drive Your Business

Actionable insights at your fingertips. No blockchain wizardry needed, just clear, visual, and intuitive dashboards to stay on track and so you can reach your goals. Access decoded blockchain data that is easy to understand.

Ultimate Control of Your NFTs

Utility Management


User Managment

Programmatic Minting

Unlock Rewards

Edit Metadata


Treasury Management

Merchant Services

Performance Analytics

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