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100% Open Source. Fully Composable. Infinite Possibilities.

Why build with HUB?

Build Once, Run on Any Chain

Transform First-Time Customers to Repeat Shoppers to Lifelong Fans. Today’s customer prioritizes freedom, to own their experiences and to participate actively. Web3 loyalty programs exclusively enable this.

100% Open Source

HUB is the ultimate toolbox for developers - FOSS, modular, customizable, and ready to tackle any challenge.

No Web3 knowledge required

Forget complex smart contracts. HUB's intuitive APIs are all you need to create extraordinary experiences.

Next Generation AR/VR Experiences

Engage your customers with AR/VR collectibles of your product, or unique AR/VR experiences where your customers can feel truly immersed.
HUB supports all the popular blockchains
with more blockchains available on demand
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Everything you need to get started
Starter Repositories
Our starter repositories will get you started in no time!
Tutorial Videos
We’ve made tutorial videos for the visual learners, walking you step-by-step through the entire process.
Our Documentation is always up-to-date and contains everything you need to build in one place!

Developer Testimonials

Notes of love from developers who build with HUB

We are able to quickly and effectively build Solana NFT drops for our launchpad program with Holaplex’s minting tools.

Adam Montgomery
Head of Blockchain, OpenSea

Building for a big brand?

Brands love HUB, and we love developer studios that build for them.
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