Tokenization of Real World Assets with Baxus
September 5, 2023


In a world where all things are trending towards digital, the process of tokenizing assets has emerged as a transformative way to empower real-world assets.

By creating digital tokens for each asset, they can be traded, bought, or sold with an unprecedented degree of transparency and liquidity - while allowing everyone to verify their information on-chain.


Baxus, an online marketplace for exquisite wines and spirits, holds a significant number of precious bottles that require monitoring, verification, and an efficient management system. With over 600,000 bottles belonging to 100,000+ collectors, tracking each bottle's ownership, state, and history was a colossal task.

Solution with HUB:To address this challenge, Baxus turned to HUB, leveraging its capabilities to track and verify the ownership of these assets on the blockchain. HUB provided an efficient and secure platform, allowing Baxus to do:

  1. Asset Verification and Ownership Tracking:
    With the help of HUB, every bottle in the Baxus vault is tokenized, ensuring its ownership can be tracked and verified on the blockchain.

  2. Real-time Monitoring with Smart Thermostats:
    Baxus incorporates smart thermostats within their vaults. These devices continuously monitor the state of each bottle, confirming their presence and updating the history to each bottle on HUB. This integration not only ensures the asset's security but also provides real-time data to collectors.

  3. End-to-End Management with HUB:
    Baxus envisions HUB not merely as a tool for tokenization but as a full-fledged management platform. It aims to manage over 600,000 bottles for its vast collector base through this integrated system in the near future.

  4. Customized Rewards and Profiles:
    Leveraging HUB’s advanced features, Baxus is plotting a course for custom reward programs. Based on the data from each collector's preferences and history, they have the ability to create unique customer profiles, enhancing user engagement and personalization.


With the integration of HUB, Baxus has streamlined its operations, enhancing transparency and efficiency. Collectors now enjoy a more personalized experience, with the confidence that their assets are monitored in real-time and securely stored. Through this collaboration, Baxus has set a precedent in how to optimally manage and leverage assets in the digital age.