The WooCommerce HUB Plugin
September 5, 2023


WooCommerce, one of the largest open-source e-commerce platform for online merchants, has become a staple for many entrepreneurs and businesses using WordPress for over a decade. Its flexibility and plethora of features have made it a favorite among those looking to sell products online.

Today, the rapid evolution of the digital world and the rise of NFTs presents a new opportunity for many online sellers wanting to tap into this new market.


For businesses that have already established their online presence with WordPress or WooCommerce, the transition into selling NFTs is complex.

They need a way to integrate NFTs into their existing e-commerce ecosystems without disrupting their current operations. Many of them also want to utilize their existing CRM, payments, and marketing tools supported by WooCommerce for these new digital assets.

Solution with Holaplex’s HUB WooCommerce Plug-in:

Holaplex, wanting to tap into the potential of integrating NFTs into mainstream e-commerce, developed a native WooCommerce plugin that works seamlessly with HUB. This integration offers:

  1. Seamless NFT Sales:

    With the Holaplex HUB plug-in, WooCommerce store owners can effortlessly list and sell NFTs created on Holaplex HUB right through their existing online platforms.
  2. Effortless E-commerce Integration:

    Merchants don't need to overhaul their sites or learn a new system. The plugin allows for a smooth transition, enabling businesses to spin up NFT commerce solutions instantly.
  3. Full Utilization of Existing Tools:

    The beauty of the HUB plug-in lies in its compatibility. Online merchants could continue using their preferred CRM, payment gateways, and marketing tools alongside their new digital collectibles, making the integration cost-effective and efficient.

  4. Enhanced Offerings with Plugins:

    Holaplex’s HUB integration is designed to work in conjunction with other plugins. This meant that online stores could boost their offerings, combining digital collectibles with other products and services.


The HUB WooCommerce plug-in aims to revolutionize the way NFTs are sold on mainstream e-commerce platforms.

Businesses, both large and small, would find a simple and efficient way to tap into the burgeoning NFT market without compromising their existing operations.

With this integration, Holaplex ensures that the world of NFTs becomes more accessible to a broader audience, bridging the gap between traditional e-commerce and the future of digital commerce.