Rewards Program by Boba Guys at NYC
May 25, 2023

The effectiveness and speed of Hub was again demonstrated in a rewarding partnership between Boba Guys, Solana Foundation, Candy Pay, and Holaplex.

Boba Guys, a popular beverage brand, recently executed an innovative Rewards Program in New York City. The idea was simple yet powerful: customers who bought a coffee would receive an airdropped NFT directly into the wallet they used for payment.

This activation was built within 24 hours on top of Hub, showcasing Hub's efficiency and adaptability. The immediacy of the reward, the uniqueness of receiving an NFT, and the seamless integration of the transaction made this a memorable experience for the customers.

This initiative redefined the conventional idea of a rewards program, taking it beyond mere points accumulation. By offering an NFT, Boba Guys, with the help of Hub, provided customers with a digital asset they could hold and it would increase in value over time, marking a radical departure from traditional loyalty programs.

Moreover, the activation established a direct connection between the customer and the brand through the digital wallet, creating an avenue for continued personalized engagement.

Thus, this case study is an example of how businesses can leverage the flexibility and efficiency of Hub to quickly create unique, memorable, and value-driven customer experiences.