Enhancing Viewer Engagement with HUB + Twitch Stream Rewards
September 11, 2023


Streaming platforms have rapidly evolved, with audiences seeking more immersive and interactive experiences. Recognizing this, Holaplex wanted to test what impact integrating NFTs as digital rewards could have on viewer engagement, on traditional streaming services.


To assess if HUB could boost viewer engagement levels beyond what traditional streaming methods (chat + tipping) could achieve, using a time-gated trivia session paired with digital rewards. BizQiz, an application built on HUB to facilitate the quizzing experience, was used for this event.


  1. Platform & Format: A brand-new streaming account was set up on Twitch, a leading live streaming platform. The stream was hosted by a brand-new streaming account with no previous viewers or followers. The chosen format was a blend of trivia and gameplay sessions.
  2. Audience Engagement: Over the course of two sessions, 61 unique viewers actively participated in the trivia segments. Collaboration with MonkePlay, a gaming sub-brand of MonkeDAO, also saw viewers participate in gameplay.
  3. Trivia Content: The questions posed to the audience revolved around Holaplex and related platforms/services. This was a strategic move to gauge viewer awareness and understanding of emerging tech trends.
  4. Incentivization with Digital Rewards: To motivate participation and retention, viewers who answered questions correctly were rewarded with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These NFTs not only served as a digital incentive but also created a lasting, verifiable connection with participants.


  1. Heightened Engagement: The integration of a trivia segment, combined with the allure of digital rewards, saw active participation from 61 unique viewers, indicating HUB’s potential to boost viewer retention and interaction. 11 converted to followers.
  2. Audience Insight: An impressive 60% accuracy rate was observed for Holaplex-related questions. This demonstrated that the audience was not only engaged but also informed about Holaplex and related tech trends.
  3. Lasting Connections: The pairing of correct responses with NFT rewards resulted in a permanent digital trail. This allowed for future connectivity with participants and offered insights into audience demographics and behaviors.


HUB's innovative approach to integrating digital rewards into Twitch streaming sessions was a  success given the scale. Not only did it enhance viewer participation, but it also provided valuable insights into the audience's awareness and adaptability to new tech platforms and trends.

Future streamers should make note to prepare trivia content well in advance utilizing BizQiz’s AI tools to create vast numbers of questions to keep audience members engaged. Shorter format questions provide great opportunities to keep audience members engaged with both stream content and sponsored content.

By calculating a viewer’s unique score it is possible to further segment and understand an audience’s awareness and interest in specific areas of interest for the streamer and any supporting brands.