Ambassador Program for MonkeDAO at NFT NYC
May 26, 2023

This activation was created in less than 24 hours, thanks to the synergy between Holaplex and our development partner, Immutable Studios. This swift turn-around time is a testament to Hub's efficiency and the power of our close-knit partnerships in the Web3 space that all brands can tap into. Here's how it worked :

-> In a customized approach to enhance personalization and brand identity, each MonkeDAO Board Member was given their own uniquely branded QR code. This not only helped in distinguishing individual board members but also reinforced the unique character of the MonkeDAO brand in a highly competitive environment.

-> Then Hub facilitated the collection and association of email and wallet addresses for all participants, a critical step in establishing a direct, secure communication line for continued engagement and relationship building.

The results of the Ambassador Program were impressive and immediate. Within the first 30 hours of the activation, over 60+ unique custodied wallets were created, and more than 340+ NFTs were minted. These statistics clearly show the success of the activation and the appeal of personalized, value-driven experiences in attracting and engaging audiences.

Thus, this case study exemplifies how Hub's capabilities can be harnessed to build and scale initiatives quickly, efficiently, and effectively in the dynamic NFT landscape. Through its customer-centric and flexible tooling, Hub is positioned to help businesses succeed like never before.

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