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With Hub and developer APIs, you can quickly and easily launch NFT campaigns, mint digital collectibles, run loyalty programs, and more.

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Made for everyone in your team

Hub’s easy-to-use interface is designed to be used by all.
No web3 knowledge required.
Setup up quickly
Just upload your assets and mint your NFTs in minutes — without smart contract development.
See stats and analysis
Follow your NFTs to see which wallets they’re going to, what’s selling, and more.
Target your customers
Easily identify your holders, then reward them with airdrops and special features.
Accept credit cards
Allow customers to buy with a card in less than 3 clicks. No crypto necessary.
Stay legal & compliant
We provide Enterprise-grade solutions for custodial wallets, fiat on/off ramps, and KYB/KYC. We're also flexible if you want to bring your own providers.

Making web3 feel like web2

Hub provides you with a toolkit of APIs designed to abstract away complicated smart contract languages of different blockchains. Build Web3 experiences that feel as fast & smooth as Web2 websites, using programming languages you’re already familiar with.
Composable stack
Hub provides the Web3 primitives so you can focus on building your own unique experiences using Hub’s composable stack
Blockchain agnostic
Hub is blockchain agnostic so that you can position your brand where your customers already are, or reach new customers by building on any popular blockchain.
Open source
Unlike similar products in this space, Hub is 100% open source. Being Open Source guarantees transparency, battle-tested security, and cements the fact that Hub will continue to exist forever. This also allows us to build white-label versions of Hub that large enterprise companies can self host themselves.

HUB can mint 1 MILLION NFTs for just $218

Hub supports state-of-the-art compression on Solana where the cost of minting 1 million NFTs is only $218. We’ve set up a demo built on Hub for you to try it out right here. Simply click on the mint button below.
Mint your NFT

Helping Web3 businesses tokenize Everything

From tokenizing real estate to tokenizing exquisite spirits, HUB helps Web3 businesses tokenize real world assets into NFTs efficiently and effectively, without incurring the exorbitant costs that Web3 is known to bring.
With HUB, it’s possible to create, manage and analyze millions of NFTs, at scale, on any blockchain - thus, helping businesses thrive in a world that’s quickly moving on-chain.


Unfiltered praise from those who've embraced the magic of HUB

We are able to quickly and effectively build Solana NFT drops for our launchpad program with Holaplex’s minting tools.

Adam Montgomery
Head of Blockchain, OpenSea

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